FLW International

This page is designed to provide insight into the strength and position that FLW International holds as it relates to the development, production, packaging and shipment of finished wood products made in China.

Hallmarks of FLW:


FLW International in 2001 was a pioneering U.S. company to recognize the attributes of Cunninghamia lanceolata (Chinese cedar), a fragrant softwood which has been sustainably farmed in southeastern China for at least 1,000 years.  Cunninghamia lanceolata traditionally was used domestically within China for building temples, boats and coffins. Since 2001, however, a range of durable outdoor products made from Cunninghamia lanceolata have become leading exports from southeastern China.


FLW International since 2001 has aggressively grown and developed its China Division operations, building concrete partnerships with trusted industry veterans, and maintaining deep ties with leading forestry and government officials. FLW International’s China Division headquarters and office staff are based in Fuzhou, the capital of Fujian Province. This office oversees and manages multiple manufacturing and production facilities throughout the region, as well as FLW’s independent quality control team. For more information on FLW International’s China Division staff, please contact us.


FLW International has extensive experience with and oversees all points along the supply chain, “from the tree to the sea,” including the forest, sawmill, manufacturing plant, packaging, trucking, warehousing, customs clearance and loading for container vessel sailing. Through many years of business experience and growth in mainland China, FLW has encountered and worked through all types of unique and challenging situations, with a consummate commitment to developing and expanding the Cunninghamia lanceolata industry.


FLW International is partnered with a wide range of manufacturing and production facilities, each with unique capabilities and specialties. Further, FLW International constantly analyzes the China landscape for new investment and partnership opportunities, ensuring that FLW International's China Division stays strong and ahead of the many changes in a rapidly developing country. Finally, while each FLW facility manages its own, in-house quality control program, FLW also ensures the highest quality standards are met through its independent quality control team, which travels between FLW facilities and reports directly to FLW International's China Division main offices.


FLW International offers all-inclusive transportation services, handling complete logistics on orders shipping from China to destinations all over the world. FLW also provides portside warehousing and consolidation in China, allowing for on-time shipments of finished products, direct from China to distribution centers worldwide.