Gorilla Deck

A Gorilla Deck  is the vinyl deck of choice for discerning homeowners, as well as marine and dock applications.  The beauty of this decking also extends below its surface.  Gorilla Deck's revolutionary water-shedding technology provides a dry space under the deck making the product ideal for second story/balcony designs.

The heart of the Gorilla Deck system is its patented (patent no. 6,324,796) interlocking design.  This innovative system creates a water-shedding surface that prevents water from traveling below.  Unlike other decking systems, Gorilla Deck channels water to the sides of the deck, not through it.

In addition to helping keep the below-deck space dry, Gorilla Deck's unique interlocking design also provides added strength.  While traditional deck designs rely on the strength of each individual plank, Gorilla Deck's interlocking design reinforces the surface by locking all individual components into a single unit.

Deck boards in a Gorilla Deck are made from a proprietary blend of UV stabilized vinyl making them virtually maintenance free.  In fact, the boards are remarkably easy to clean, since the joints can't trap leaves, pine needles, or ther debris.  The Gorilla Deck boards are also safer since they do not splinter like wood and concealed fasteners mean there are no exposed screws or nails.  Vinyl transfers heat better than most materials which means that Gorilla Deck will stay cooler to the touch even on the hottest summer days.

Gorilla Deck's low profile plank design (1-1/4") makes it ideal for retrofitting existing wood decks.  Each plank measures six inches wide and comes in lengths of 16, 20  and 24 feet.  The interlocking design makes Gorilla Deck one of the easiest and fastest decks on the market to install.

Homeland's Gorilla Deck will never rot, split, or decay, and is impervious to insects and moisture.  Every Gorilla Deck is code compliant ICCESR-1657 and is covered by Homeland's solid limited lifetime warranty.