Guard Rail


Pressure Treated Guard Rail stock is a growing segment of FLW’s lumber offerings.  Highway Posts are available in a whole variety of sizes and shapes and can be milled and pressure treated to meet all applicable Federal, State and Municipal specifications.  Posts may be round or square, round or planed and notched, mortised and champhored.

Rails are supplied in appropriate sizes to match the size and design of the posts being used in order to create a guard rail unit that is uniform and consistent in configuration and quality.  The rail joint may be plain butted, ship lap or bevel lap according to specifications and strength requirements.



  • 6x8x6’, 6’6”, 7’, 14’ S4S Lines, Ends, Corners & Blanks
  • 8x8x5’4” S4S  Lines, Ends, Corners & Blanks
  • 8x8x6’ S4S Lines, Ends, Corners & Blanks
  • 10x10x5’4” Rough Lines, Ends, Corners & Blanks
  • 10x12x7’



  • 4x8x10’, 12’ & 16’ S4S
  • 4x9x12” Blocks
  • 6x10x9’11-1/2”


  • Hole Drilling (Ex. Mortised)
  • Post Topping (Ex. Champhored)
  • Custom Lumber Sizes Available Upon Request
  • Variety of Pressure Treatments Available