New England Arbors & Mayne


New England Arbors

More than a decade ago, New England Arbors began to design and build arbors that they thought people all over America would love. The basic idea was to replicate the warmth and traditional beauty of New England design with the modern simplicity of low-maintenance vinyl materials. They knew that people who invested their hard-earned money in our products would get the best of both worlds.

Since those early days, New England Arbors has grown their arbor business far beyond the small area that they originally started out to serve, throughout America and even beyond. To put it really simply, they’re still arbor guys at heart. That’s what they do. They design arbors, make arbors, sell arbors, promote arbors and continually find ways to evolve and improve their  arbors.


Mayne takes pride in creating and designing high quality products with a great selection to choose from. The vision at Mayne is to be a “memorable company”. Whether you are a homeowner, dealer or supplier they will work hard to earn your trust. From your first contact you will see that they  are a different kind of company.